Joseph Cement Contractors, Inc.

Kevin Kelso  |  Joseph Vitale  |  Kirby Kelso

The Joseph Cement story
Joseph Vitale emigrated from Italy and settled in St Louis, amongst the City's thriving Italian community. Using skills he learned in Italy, he started working for local construction firms. He saw that there was an every growing need in the community for well-built landscape and construction cement. Encouraged by the support of his family and friends, he started his own contracting business in 1958. Joseph Cement was born.
Over the years the company grew along with the St Louis community and when his daughter married Kevin Kelso, Joseph asked Kevin to delay his plans to study law and work in the family business. Kevin started with Joseph in 1974 and his brother Kirby joined him in 1975. It was a very productive partnership, combining youthful enthusiasm and extensive practical experience. The company continued to flourish.

When Joseph decided to retire in 1977 he persuaded Kevin to take over the company. Joseph continued to work part-time for Kevin until his passing in 1985.

In 1998 Kevin asked his brother Kirby to become a full partner in the business. In turn, in 2003 Kirby brought his son Danny into the firm.

Since 1958, first Joseph and then Kevin & Kirby have continued the founding philosophy of Joseph Cement – meeting their community's need for well crafted landscape and construction cement.